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It’s Jess!



I guess I should start with a little bit about myself.

Obviously I’m Jess 🙂 a good place to start I guess. I am 22, single, a Christian, a sister, a daughter and a broke uni student who is studying to be a teacher. I also love to paint, play hockey, watch movies and babushka dolls!

I’m finally in my last year at university and am overjoyed and overwhelmed at the fact that soon I will be a teacher with my own class!! How exciting! Being a teacher is something that has been a dream of mine ever since I started babysitting when I was about 13 or 14.

I am not exactly sure what this blog is going to be or how regularly it will occur. I guess I am just wanting somewhere to store cool things that I see or experience to look back on or to use in the future, I’m totally not expecting other people to read this but if you do I hope that you get something out of it. I love having a “that’s so cool!” moment and I think that is kind of what I am aiming for 🙂

Well I guess that is ok for a beginning post? Until next time xx