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What was old is new again.


Does anyone else love Op shopping? I love the searching. I love the bargains. I love giving something a new home. I do always wonder what purpose it served before it ended up at Vinnies though…

Did it sit in someone’s cupboard gathering dust? Did it have pride of place in someone’s pool room? Was it passed down through generations of a family? Was it made in another country? Did it survive a house fire? Was it just being a paperweight? What was its purpose?

Over the last 10 months or so I have often wondered what my purpose was. What am I supposed to do with my life? What is my next step? Where should I work? Who should I be? Am I a teacher? Should I study? Am I just the unemployed pyjama wearing Jess that has popped up so regularly (I do love my pjs but there is definitely more to me than that!)?

Recently I started working in a new job, a job in a cafe. I haven’t worked in hospitality since I was a uni and it was a really hard decision to start looking for work there. I ummed and ahhed about it for several months because I felt like I was talking a step backwards in my life. I felt like I would be a beautiful handmade statue being a doorstop, serving little purpose.

It was hard for me to put childcare behind me (at least for now) and go back in an industry I didn’t have the same passion for. But this job has turned out to be exactly what I need at the moment – giving me a new purpose. Just like turning an old fence into a brand new picture frame or a table getting a new lick of paint and looking snazzy again.

I always saw hospitality as a means to an end, it was the job I had to get me through uni the first time. I guess it still serves that purpose for me as I am currently studying again but it means more to me this time. It has brought stability back into my life after a long time of feeling like I was drowning. Stability in my finances, in my routine, in my happiness. I am feeling less anxious, I am feeling less overwhelmed and I’m excited to go to work again (which is nice after well over a year of not!).

So for any other How I Met Your Mother fans, it’s not like Barney says…new is not always better!


‘Twas the season


I have been trying to get a post up about my excitement for Christmas for ages but now I have totally missed it! 

I LOVE Christmas, just ask my friends (who have started calling me Christmas Spirit) and this year I made a bunch of my own decorations which was so fun and they turned out ok, if I do say so myself!

I was pretty bummed for Christmas this year, it was not going to be what I had hoped and so I had to make a conscious decision to make it good. And it turned out ok in the end. 

Growing up, Christmas was an awesome family time that I loved, putting up decorations as a family. Me and my dad putting up Christmas lights all over our house. So this year I made a bunch of decorations and went nuts around my house. Here’s a few pics…









I love being creative and this was such a fun way of letting this side of me free 🙂

I also did the Christmas decor for our churches’ Christmas service which was so cool! I don’t have any pictures for that but it was such a cool vibe that the decos made. We made a Christmas tree out of fairy lights and out of wooden branches. I also cut out a heap of snowflakes (similar to the ones in the picture up above) and hung them along the stage. 

The happiness I feel over Christmas makes me think consistently of the sacrifice that was made for each and everyone of us by our amazing God. He sent a tiny baby into this world to experience life just as we do; living for others, caring for others, shining a light to the world and setting an example of love.

Whenever you get a chance to be creative you should definitely do it!! It is such a great feeling when you look at something and think ‘I made that’.

Happy New Years guys!!! There is more to come in the year ahead! Get excited!

My Mum.


‘sup blog readers?

Today’s post is about my Mum, who I would not (literally!) be here without. Not only did she bring me into this world but she has supported and shaped me throughout my whole life.

I was going through a box the other day that I found in my cupboard. It had many entertaining random things from when I was younger. Letters from family and friends, a CD with photos from my final year at school and a bunch of little notes that my parents had written and stashed in my suitcase when I went on a school excursion (being away from home was a big deal for me (even at 16!) and my parents hid them so I would find them while I was away). So I’ve forgotten where I was going with this…

I did also find a letter from my Mum that she had sent after I had moved out of home. It reminded me of just how damn lucky I am to have such an outstanding woman as my mother.

She wrote in this letter that when she used to pick me up from the bus stop, she could tell what kind of day I had had from the second I got off the bus and I would then off load onto her (this is still the case and I’m 23!). I remember always being able to talk to her and my Dad about anything.

My Mum has been so wonderfully supportive, reassuring, helpful and calming throughout my life and especially over the last few years while I have been going through uni. She has helped me with many assignments and personal “learning experiences” as my Dad calls them.

I have laughed with her about the silliest of things and cried to her when I have felt distraught and devastated.

And she always always listens.

I feel pretty blessed to have the parents I do and I just wanted to share that with you, blog readers 🙂

Have a wonderful week and try to make the effort to tell someone who means a lot to you that you love them.

Love you Mum!!