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The joys of Early Childhood – Part 2


Guys! It’s Dr Phil time again so that means I’m back for part 2!

Yesterday I was planning on telling you all about the joys (only some of them are sarcastic I promise!) I have encountered since becoming an Early Childhood teacher. However, I got a little side-tracked with my little reminiscing session 🙂

My job is so rewarding in so many ways that I had never expected. I am Room Leader in a 3-4 year old room and I’m also Educational Leader for my centre which is very hard work but good fun. So here goes, the real deal…why being an Early Childhood educator is so fabulous!

The children are constantly sharing with you – especially their germs – hence the 2 blog posts in 2 days – and week days at that! They say that the first couple of years you catch all the germs and then you have an immunity of steel…which I am really looking forward to!

It is also really nice how much the children really want you to be part of their life. The amount of stories they share with you is so lovely and eye-opening. The amount of times I have heard about their bathroom trips, what sort of underwear they are wearing or what they are having for lunch is numerous. They also get really excited about things that are going on in their life and can’t wait to tell you when they see you – “Miss Jess I’m going on holidays!”, “Miss Jess I got a new toy”, “Miss Jess look what I made!”.

I’m always covered in paint! I love to provide my kiddies with art experiences which does involve paint and I somehow always get it on me!

This career is very much a people job and being that I am so integral to these children and their families I have been able to build relationships with some really lovely people as well as their super cute kiddies! It is a huge responsibility but it is exactly what I have always dreamt of! Our families are just the loveliest and I am caring for their most prized possession so it is important that I am always on. I’m not much of a people person so this is hard for me sometimes but they make it quite easy for me!

I have always been a bit of a nature girl, being from the country and all, but I have really been getting into so many more natural resources and aspects of life since the beginning of the year. I find it really important to provide the children with natural resources and teaching them about sustainability and looking after our environment. We have a little veggie garden because of this and are just about to get chickens! Yay! I really like giving the kids naturally made toys, I have some really cool blocks made from cut up branches that my Mum made for me that the kids LOVE (I think I may like them more though!). I have also started my own little veggie garden at home too which is so cool!

Being Educational Leader has meant that I have had to be doing extra research and reading which is annoying but it has also been really good. I have found so much information that has helped me and some other staff stay relevant and up to date. I have been able to stumble on so many excellent resources and websites including the Community Childcare Co-operative (link below), it provides so many helpful articles that have helped me and challenged me.

I think the most exciting part of my job is the activities I have been able to plan and create. Looking back on the past 8 months or so and I have had some doozies and some really cool experiences with my kiddies. One of my favourite experiences (link bellow) was a combined art and music experience. I won’t explain how it works, you can check out the link, it was a very cool though.

I could literally go on for a whole blog about this stuff (maybe I might!). I just get so excited when I see a child interested in something and then I go to the internet and find a plethora of activities and get to go nuts. It’s even more fun when you see the children really interested in the activity that you’ve set up.

Well Dr Phil is done and so am I 🙂
I feel like Part 2 was a bit of a let down. Sorry guys! I promise the next one will probably be better!

Jess xx


The joys of Early Childhood – Part 1


Guys! I’m so sorry I have been AWOL of late (and by late I guess I mean months! Oops!). Oh how the ‘real world’ makes the months fly by!

So I am sick for the billionth time in the last couple of months, #firstyearearlychildhoodteacherlyf and at home feeling sorry for myself, watching day time TV… (which is not as good as I remember it being!) and I’ve found myself reminiscing on the year that I have had thus far. And oh what a year it has been!

If I had to sum it up in a word, I guess I would choose…

…can you tell I have had a big couple of months?! Looking back on who I was when I blabbed on about not knowing what the future holds at the end of last year I cannot even believe how far I have come and how much I have had to deal with. And gee I’m proud of how I’ve dealt with it all!

My Dad has always called those crappy, tough moments in life ‘learning experiences’ and boy have I had a lot of them! But you know what? I don’t think I would really change them because of the person I have been able to become because of them.

I was someone who hated confrontation, a people pleaser, a shy and timid perfectionist. I am not saying that any of these traits are bad! I have just been able to hone them to become a braver person who will stand up for what I believe in and put in the most amount of effort where I know it is most important to certain people and me.

There are things that have happened that have required me to step up and say things that I wouldn’t normally have said. Which is so super scary but I have discovered that if I pray and give it up to God he gives me the words and prepares whoever it is that I need to talk to. And generally the issues have been resolved or the outcomes have been perfect.

Looking back, I’ve become more dependant on God and have been praying before anything else which is just the best! That is probably why I can look back and say it’s been the best time of my life while it has also been the worst.

I have gone off on a tangent and wrote nothing I was planning on…so I will make this a part 1 and write the second part tomorrow, as I’ll be home again enjoying the Dr Phil’s and Bold & the Beautifuls – Doctors orders! (thanks for sharing your germs children!)

Chat tomorrow xx