Monthly Archives: January 2014



As I sit here at my desk being on hold with Centrelink for 17 minutes so far, I have been checking out Pinterest, one of my favourite time killers. I have discovered so so many activities and ideas that I just cannot wait to try out this year in my brand new role as an Early Childhood Teacher.

I have also stumbled across quite a few amazing other blogs and websites that get me all excited and are completely devoted to Early Childhood ideas. There are mostly art ones below as that is where my passion lies and my Internet searches usually end up, but there are so many out there to tickle whatever fancy you have!

One is wordplayhouse which is a beautifully designed website that focuses on natural resources and creativity. It has AMAZING outdoor art ideas.

This next on is a cool collection of ideas organised into categories. This website has been painstakingly organised into pins of all areas including age groups, topics and what not. Very handy!

Let The Children Play is an awesome blog full of ideas for every single area and then some! I highly recommend checking out the ‘Popular Posts’ and ‘Blog Love’ tabs. Just. So. Many. Ideas!

The Imagination Tree is one that I follow on Facebook as well. It is constantly posting experiences and activities that let children’s imagination run free. Which is lucky because of the name 😉

Lastly I stumbled upon this page of Fun at Home in my Inter-web travels. It has a pre made list of some amazing blogs. There are just so many out there!! How exciting that there are so many people out there, passionate for children and creating the most imaginative learning experiences!! Really gets me excited!

Well I hope for those of you out there who share my excitement, you will find some inspiration amongst these many online pages.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Pinterest is a friend. Check it out!

Jess xx