Monthly Archives: December 2013

‘Twas the season


I have been trying to get a post up about my excitement for Christmas for ages but now I have totally missed it! 

I LOVE Christmas, just ask my friends (who have started calling me Christmas Spirit) and this year I made a bunch of my own decorations which was so fun and they turned out ok, if I do say so myself!

I was pretty bummed for Christmas this year, it was not going to be what I had hoped and so I had to make a conscious decision to make it good. And it turned out ok in the end. 

Growing up, Christmas was an awesome family time that I loved, putting up decorations as a family. Me and my dad putting up Christmas lights all over our house. So this year I made a bunch of decorations and went nuts around my house. Here’s a few pics…









I love being creative and this was such a fun way of letting this side of me free 🙂

I also did the Christmas decor for our churches’ Christmas service which was so cool! I don’t have any pictures for that but it was such a cool vibe that the decos made. We made a Christmas tree out of fairy lights and out of wooden branches. I also cut out a heap of snowflakes (similar to the ones in the picture up above) and hung them along the stage. 

The happiness I feel over Christmas makes me think consistently of the sacrifice that was made for each and everyone of us by our amazing God. He sent a tiny baby into this world to experience life just as we do; living for others, caring for others, shining a light to the world and setting an example of love.

Whenever you get a chance to be creative you should definitely do it!! It is such a great feeling when you look at something and think ‘I made that’.

Happy New Years guys!!! There is more to come in the year ahead! Get excited!