Monthly Archives: November 2013

Always trust…


Hi peeps,

I hope your lives are going swimmingly of present!! And even if they are not going as well as you would have liked;

Have faith.

Be patient.


And always trust in God.

Because it will get better!

The last month or so has been quite incredible for me, finishing uni and looking ahead to what my future holds has been a scary and exciting venture. Not having a solid next step was a bit hard, the control freak inside of me struggled to let God handle it and not try and take over but to trust in Him.

Always trust.

He knew the struggles I was facing and He had it completely under control. I just need to allow Him to do His thing so I could see He totally had me covered.

Always trust. 

Someone once told me that when you give your worries to God it is like putting them into a flowing river and allowing them to float downstream, they are no longer your burden to carry or stress about. But throughout my life I have found myself chasing them down the river and fishing them out of the water to carry myself again. But God doesn’t want us to be like that he wants us to put them in the river, and you got it!

Always trust in Him.

Not having the prospect of any work was a super scary thing! Pretty much all the people I hung out with at uni were offered jobs right after our final placement finished. I wasn’t. That felt like a kick in the guts. I had been praying for a job, the right job, and I had expected it to happen straight away. It didn’t.

After a rather major meltdown. Crying and all (I am pretty sure I am a fairly ugly cryer too!) I got really angry at God. I mean really angry! I ended up eventually just giving it all over to Him, I had to keep doing this over the next couple of days. I would race down the edge of the river and try to get it out again, but would have to stop myself or throw it straight back in.

Always, always trust.

A couple of days after that rather unattractive moment I got my first phone call to work casually at a centre and ever since then I have been working nearly every day!!

I now know for sure that God has the perfect job lined p for me. I mean I always knew this but I had decided on my own timeline.

When you truly allow God to take control of EVERYTHING and really and truly trust in Him, He will provide you with whatever skills you need to handle the storm you are weathering.

Always trust. You will be ok. The future is an exciting thing!