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My Mum.


‘sup blog readers?

Today’s post is about my Mum, who I would not (literally!) be here without. Not only did she bring me into this world but she has supported and shaped me throughout my whole life.

I was going through a box the other day that I found in my cupboard. It had many entertaining random things from when I was younger. Letters from family and friends, a CD with photos from my final year at school and a bunch of little notes that my parents had written and stashed in my suitcase when I went on a school excursion (being away from home was a big deal for me (even at 16!) and my parents hid them so I would find them while I was away). So I’ve forgotten where I was going with this…

I did also find a letter from my Mum that she had sent after I had moved out of home. It reminded me of just how damn lucky I am to have such an outstanding woman as my mother.

She wrote in this letter that when she used to pick me up from the bus stop, she could tell what kind of day I had had from the second I got off the bus and I would then off load onto her (this is still the case and I’m 23!). I remember always being able to talk to her and my Dad about anything.

My Mum has been so wonderfully supportive, reassuring, helpful and calming throughout my life and especially over the last few years while I have been going through uni. She has helped me with many assignments and personal “learning experiences” as my Dad calls them.

I have laughed with her about the silliest of things and cried to her when I have felt distraught and devastated.

And she always always listens.

I feel pretty blessed to have the parents I do and I just wanted to share that with you, blog readers 🙂

Have a wonderful week and try to make the effort to tell someone who means a lot to you that you love them.

Love you Mum!!


What a small world!!


Recently I went on a bit of a road trip to QLD for a friends wedding…

Side note – what a beautiful part of the world!! I mean I knew this because as a kid we used to travel there all the time to see my Aunt and Uncle who live up there. But I was reminded of just how very nice it is!

I found myself on many occasions just thinking “wow”. So many beautiful views and beaches and markets!!! Oh I do love me some markets!!!

Which gets me right back on track…

While at the Eumundi Markets (if ever you get the chance to check these out you should definitely do so), we were looking around and my friend noticed a book shop across the road that she wanted to check out, so across we went.

I started looking at the cards, as I tend to do to get ideas for when I make my own and found these beautiful black silhouette cards. So cute! So I turn them over and notice the brand. I get quite a shock when I see they are made by someone I know from where I grew up. I went to church with her in my early high school years. Oh what a small world!!!

So I do a bit of Internet stalking and discover she has a blog of her own. Which you should definitely check out. Link below.

I get home and am blown away by just how small our world can be sometimes. By travelling all the way up to Queensland I see something designed by someone from my country home town. Wow!

Anyways lovely people, from this I have been reminded to be open to the detours of life. If my friend hadn’t noticed this book shop across the road from the markets I would not have been there.

God places little things in our path and if we are too busy getting to our destination we just might miss a little happy moment he has popped there to brighten our day.

As I have been taught to do by my Mum – stop and smell the roses, look up at the stars, notice colours and nature, enjoy the smell of rain or mown grass because they just might enable you to see something you didn’t expect 🙂